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Keep your pictures & videos safe and private. ★Do you have pictures or videos on your phone that you don't want others to see? Hide pictures & private videos with HidePhoto to keep them protected from prying eyes. Keeping pictures & videos safe, secure and hidden has never been easier!

☞ Show only what you want seen. Hiding pictures and videos with HidePhoto on Android gives you control of who sees what. Your public gallery remains available to your friends, family, and coworkers. Take control of your privacy!

☞ Selected pictures vanish from your photo gallery, and stay locked behind pin lock or pattern lock. With HidePhoto, only you can see your hidden pictures. Privacy made easy!

FeaturesHide picturesHide videosEasy to use!Pin lockPattern lockGallery for quick and easy hidingTake pictures or videosShare pictures and videosPassword protectedView picturesZoom picturesMulti-select pictures & videos for easy managementMost Secure – Hidden pictures are only visible in HidePhotoFastest and most secure private galleryTons more great features and even more coming soon!

Two easy ways to keep safe:Select Pictures & Videos to Hide in HidePhoto1. Open HidePhoto & tap the Lock icon at the top of the screen2. Tap a folder to view items3. Tap items to select & tap the lock at the top to hide selected pictures & videos”Share” Pictures & Videos to Hide From Other Apps (gallery, browser, etc.)1. While viewing an item tap the share icon2. Select HidePhoto from the list of apps to share with3. HidePhoto will remove the pictures & videos from your gallery and hide them safely in your vault

Free and no ads.

Great! How do I HidePhoto? ================= 1. Select pictures and videos 2. Press hide 3. DONE!

—-FAQ—- Q: How do I unhide pictures and videos? A: 1. Open HidePhoto and select images and videos 2. In the bottom bar, press 'Unhide' 3. Confirm the unhide action

Q: How does HidePhoto work?A: HidePhoto provides you with a locked gallery that lives on your phone.

Q: Does this app hide videos?A: Yes, we support single video hiding and multiple videos. There is also no limit to how many videos you can hide.

Q: Where are my pictures after I un-hide them? A: Your pictures will be in the same location as before they were hidden.

Q: I forgot my password, how to find it? A: Open HidePhoto, If you are using pattern lock, please change to pin lock. Tap the '?' icon . If you remember security answer, you can reset your password by security answer. Enter your security answer to reset your password. If not, you can reset your password by your security email. Get reset code from the app to reset your password.

Q: Are my hidden pictures stored online? A: No! HidePhoto only stores pictures in a secret box on your Android phone.

Q: How many pictures can I hide in HidePhoto? A: As many as you want. A secret box without limits.

Q: Is this similar to applying a gallery lock? A: No, it isn't. HidePhoto is a special gallery that locks your pictures but you place them in there.

Q: Can HidePhoto lock videos? A: Yes, if you place videos into HidePhoto, they are locked behind a PIN pad

Q: Can I take pictures out of this secret vault? A: Yes, you can unhide pictures with only a couple of clicks.

Q: I can not move in/out my photo in the vault.A: Please check you internal storage space, if only 10% free ,system will not let us to move file in to vault.

How to play HidePhoto on PC

Download and Install MuMu Player Android Emulator. Click here to download: Download(FREE)

Run MuMu Player Android Emulator and login Google Play Store

Open Google Play Store and search HidePhoto Download

Install HidePhoto and start it

Well done! Now you can play HidePhoto on PC, just like HidePhoto for PC version.

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