Kuis Pancasila 5 Dasar

Kuis Pancasila 5 Dasar

The description of Kuis Pancasila 5 Dasar

Traditional games are part of a nation\’s cultural assets. "Pancasila 5 Dasar" is a very popular traditional game in Indonesia. It\’s basically a trivia quiz played by a group of people where each player has to name things based on its first letter. This game is also known by other names, such as "Sobyong", "Gagarudaan", and other names, depending on the region.

It\’s very easy to play this game because no tools are required other than your hands. The game will start by deciding what category will be played – for example : name types of animals – and then each players will shout "Pancasila 5 Dasar", and then show their fingers at the same time. It\’s a bit like rock-scissors-paper, but in here it\’s done to count the letters which will be used to play. For example player A shows 5 finger, 1 finger on player B, and 2 fingers on player C. The total will be 8 fingers which refers to the eight letter in alphabet, the letter "H". When the game starts, each player will in turn try to answer with names of animal starting with the letter "H", for example player A answers : "hare", player B answers : "hamster", player C : "hedgehog". Then the round ends, and the game is restarted from the step of shouting "Pancasila 5 Dasar" and counting total fingers again. The players cannot use a previously mentioned answer, or skip their turn. That player will lose if he/she can\’t answer.

Note : The content of this game is only available in Indonesian language

How to play Kuis Pancasila 5 Dasar on PC

Download and Install Nox App Player Android Emulator. Click here to download: Download(FREE)

Run Nox App Player Android Emulator and login Google Play Store

Open Google Play Store and search Kuis Pancasila 5 Dasar Download

Install Kuis Pancasila 5 Dasar and start it

Well done! Now you can play Kuis Pancasila 5 Dasar on PC, just like Kuis Pancasila 5 Dasar for PC version.

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